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One of the ways you can help Action for Animals with our anti-Ringling Bros Circus campaign is to write a letter to the editor of the Austin American-Statesman and the Austin Chronicle today about why you are not going to the circus. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Austin Chronicle’s site and the Austin American-Statesman’s site. Fill out the required fields including your name and phone number. If your letter is being considered then you might get a robo-call asking you to call back and verify your letter. You must call back or your letter will not be published. The Austin American-Statesman has a FAQ here about their process.
  • Please be brief in your letter-to-the-editor. You have 1000 characters with the Austin American-Statesman so get to the point. Be ruthless in editing your letter.
  • Do not repeat what Ringling Bros says about how they treat animals. Example: “Ringling Bros says they treat their animals well.” If you do this then you are just repeating Ringling’s sound bite again. Instead, write this: “Ringling Bros Circus agreed to pay a $240,000 fine in 2011 for abusing their animals. That’s the biggest fine any circus has ever paid due to their abuse of animals.”
  • Be nice and respectful in your letter to ensure that it is printed. If you are a jerk then your letter may not be printed. Also, we’re trying to change minds so make it easier for people to listen by being nice.
  • Do not make unsubstantiated claims. Your letter may not be published and you could get sued.
  • Making yourself into a real person makes it easier for readers to related to you. For example, you can write: “As a mother of two kids, my husband and I will not go to circuses that use animals because we do not want our kids to think that it’s ok to use animals for entertainment.”  Or, “My husband and I know about abuse to animals in circuses so we will not be taking our kids to  the Ringling Bros Circus.” You can also say: “As a longtime Austinite, I do not welcome any business that abuses animals into this city. That is why I will not be going to Ringling Bros Circus next week.”
  • Use facts to back up your claim about animal abuse in circuses. Here are several sites where you can do research about animal abuse in circuses.




    Animal Rights and Welfare Sites

OK, now go write your letter.